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Nalco Water understands aerospace and defense manufacturing sites count on reliable operations to ensure future growth and high-quality production. 상업용 또는 군용 항공기 조립과 방어 시스템 제조를 비롯해 제트 엔진 및 카본 브레이크와 같은 부품을 생산하려면 품질과 성능 보장애 최적인 시설 환경 제어, 공정 냉각 작업 및 고순도 수의 안정적인 공급이 필수입니다.

Our team of Aerospace and Defense industry experts can help you improve process operations, optimize water usage and reduce air emissions to achieve your goals.



Boiler Generic Plant


  • Chiller efficiency and reliability 
  • Water sustainability, reduction and reuse 
  • 자산 보호
  • Scale, corrosion and microbiological control 
  • Cleaning services – tower cleaning and disinfection   
  • 3D TRASAR™ Technology  
  • Nalco Water System Assurance Service 
  • Water safety protocol for cooling towers 
  • Cleaning and Disinfection 
  • Legionella risk assessment
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  • Scale and corrosion control 
  • Energy and water optimization for improved sustainability 
  • Condensate corrosion control 
  • Heat recovery and control equipment 
  • 3D TRASAR™ for Boiler Technology 
  • Nalco Water System Assurance Service
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Heating and cooling

From your main HVAC utilities to individual process cooling towers, 3D TRASAR™ Technology provide visibility and control in aerospace and defense manufacturing verifying optimized cooling to maintain product quality while improving water sustainability.

물 안전
물 안전

Risk from Legionella has become more prevalent in the news. Protecting your employees, the surrounding communities and your brand is important. Learn more about the water safety steps you can take to reduce your risk from Legionella.

Water Pretreatment solutions

High purity water is often required for parts washing in coating and plating processes. Nalco Water will work with you to understand the quantity and quality of water required for your aerospace and defense operations, to provide the correct pretreatment solutions for you.

Downstream, DS
Wastewater compliance

Metal working is a large part of aerospace and defense manufacturing. Metals often end up in the plant wastewater and must be treated to be in compliance with city discharge limits. The Nalco Water heavy metals removal program can provide compliance assurance.

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