1. Ecolab’s Food Safety Matters Campaign to help improve food safety practices within the foodservice industry

Ecolab’s Food Safety Matters Campaign to help improve food safety practices within the foodservice industry

2016년 5월 20일

CHICAGO – May 20, 2016 – Ecolab Inc. introduces Food Safety Matters, an educational campaign designed to advance food safety best practices within the foodservice industry.

"Our customers rely on us to provide personally delivered service, insights and innovation to help them protect their guests and their brands," said Bob Sherwood, Ecolab executive vice president and general manager for Institutional North America. "Customer feedback indicated a need for additional educational materials for foodservice staff. We are uniquely positioned to help them advance food safety by sharing our expertise."

Ecolab's educational campaign is centered on common causes of foodborne illnesses and includes information, prevention tips, best practices and interventions to prevent incidents, along with remediation guidelines in the event of an incident. The first set of materials includes information on norovirus and Salmonella - the leading causes of foodborne illness, according to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control. The materials will be provided to customers and available on Ecolab's website at www.ecolab.com.

“With 61 percent of reported foodborne illnesses originating in restaurants, food safety has become even more integral to brand protection and enterprise risk management,” said Dr. Ruth Petran, vice president, Food Safety & Public Health at Ecolab.

Ecolab will introduce additional food safety educational materials quarterly, with specific tips for chefs, servers and other restaurant staff. Ecolab also offers free food safety webinars; the August 16 webinar will focus on norovirus. Each webinar is archived, and attendees can receive continuing education certificates. Materials and registration for the upcoming webinar are available at www.ecolab.com/foodsafetywebinars.

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2016년 5월 20일

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